We Are Social Good Seekers, Storytellers, Analytical Gurus, Philanthropists, Passion Finders, and Big Data Enthusiasts

We help mission – based organizations do more good and make a greater impact. The two founders formed McQueen Mackin & Associates to take their roots in the for – profit world where they led the brand insights, research and database marketing at the “top five” agency Leo Burnett, and apply their expertise towards the greater social good.

We know many mission – based organizations struggle with the budgets and resources to pursue all their ambitions. This is why we have a small tight – knit team with an established network of experts that we hand – pick to work with to accomplish each of our unique objectives. This keeps our overhead low, budgets tight, provides flexibility and allows us to be hands – on with each of our clients.

Meet the Core Team

Kelly Juravic

Director of Digital Marketing & Research

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Mary Mackin


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Jon McQueen

Director of Research & Business Development

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Carl McQueen

Director of Technology & Advanced Analytics

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