Brand Growth

Brands represent the storage bin of all your engagements with an organization or a product.

As you build depth of familiarity with a brand your storage bin expands, and if the brand can be trusted by building belief you will engage with it, buy it, or donate to it, time after time. We have proven through our extensive research that depth of familiarity and trust is the magic formula. We have also identified the key dimensions that build belief to earn trust and explore the strengths and weaknesses a brand possesses in each area.

There are many components to successful brand building. One key area is understanding the category as often people choose the category before they choose the brand. They want a healthy cereal option, to engage with a sustainable clothing brand, help people struck by a natural disaster or give to an organization fighting poverty.

We help clients build better brands by also understanding their current or potential target, the “whole person” as we like to call it. Digging into behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, values, historical action, future intent and the wants and needs they seek to satisfy. Knowing your audience in-depth is invaluable for developing segmentation, communication strategies and growing overtime.

Developing a clear brand persona, whether a nonprofit or for-profit, creates a deep connection, positive feelings and distinguishes you from the rest. People really give, purchase or engage with people, not faceless organizations. Just like a person, your brand could be fun, serious, authoritative, caring, honest, traditional etc. Your brand personality becomes part of your character in the stories you share with your audience. Authentic storytelling also is a critical piece to create an emotional bond that resonates and stands the test of time. Part of our job is to tease apart your story and see where that emotional connection happens to create a persuasive meaningful narrative that becomes a bedrock to the brand and strikes that emotional chord.

Our founders’ focus for much of their career has been helping brands grow. They have worked with some of the largest most successful brands in the world to small brands just starting out and everything in-between. One of them even wrote a book about it and shares some of the brands stories he helped create over the years.

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