Video Impact Measures

Video is powerful. When we created a video we attached to an email appeal based on insights from our research of the most compelling narrative from a nonprofit organization to their donors it more than doubled their donations. Social media has created a platform that makes sharing video, actually having people watch it and share it themselves for further reach and advocacy, easier then ever. Social video generates dramatically more shares than text and images combined. Whether utilized on your website, YouTube or attached to an email, it is a superior tool than most. It creates a strong emotional connection, authentically shares your story, brings your value proposition to life, builds belief and makes important information better understood.

There are critical questions we want the answers to in order to optimize video storytelling strategy for future videos. We can also identify which videos will have the most success as part of different campaigns or fundraising as well as the vital ability to edit your video focusing on the most impactful parts into shorter bits to make them more shareable and digestible on different platforms.

  • How did the video make them feel?
  • Is it something they would share and why or why not?
  • What was the most impactful moment?
  • How would they describe the story they remembered coming from the video?
  • What ideas and messages highlighted throughout were most compelling?
  • Did it help build trust, familiarity and belief in the organization or brand?

With our tool we help our clients better evaluate and enhance their video storytelling by measuring the impact to take full advantage of leveraging video to achieve different marketing and fundraising objectives.