Donation Driver

Our comprehensive Donation Driver Tool examines all the critical fundraising levers. First, we look at your potential or current donors as “whole people” to understand their giving heart, attitudes, perceptions, media usage and future interest in engaging with you. We incorporate our Belief Identifier tool to measure belief and familiarity which we have proven are the winning duo to increasing donations. We determine which capabilities and areas you focus on are most important to them and uncover why. Most importantly we answer the critical question “if I am your best prospect why should I give to you over anyone else or no one at all?”

The Salvation Army is one of the most respected organizations in the nonprofit world and provides a broad array of social services to help Americans in need around the world.

They needed our help to increase donations in the Los Angeles area using our Donation Driver™ tool. We used our insights to create a video to link to an email appeal that resulted in a 350% increase in total donations.

We identified their best prospects, beliefs and the Passion Points that were the greatest motivators for giving. Passion Points connect the nonprofits mission to the giving heart of potential donors.

The big idea was giving people a local hand up in the community. There were many other things we tested as part of their mission such as their international efforts, helping veterans and domestic violence. However when it came to driving donations what mattered is that the Salvation Army is in your community everyday and really knows the people and how to give them a hand up not a hand out.

We worked with our film partner to create a video weaving together the insights from our research into a persuasive narrative they could link to an email appeal.