R&D Models

Essential to our success has been our curiosity and willingness to go into unchartered territory and invest resources in R&D. It has been the most fun and a passion of ours to explore our hypotheses, develop unique models of human understanding, and generate innovative algorithms. We have found new ways to understand leadership style, the best way to measure emotion and belief, how values affect decision-making, how to predict future purchasing power among segments, a better way to identify real potential prospects for acquisition and more.

One of our recent endeavors was developing a new political spectrum model given the political landscape has changed drastically and the outdated models we no longer felt were adequate. Through our research we found the population falls into one of seven different segments and have developed an algorithm that helps us identify which they fall into. We took our knowledge and created an online game around election season promoting it on Facebook as an acquisition tool. We also discovered early on that self-labels like Conservative v. Liberal or Democrat v. Republican do not predict which “flavor” of non-profit activity is worth funding. However, our spectrum has helped us understand the political issues that drive giving to different organizations.

Our original models and our ability to take our clients desire to push the boundaries and turn it into action is invaluable to developing innovative solutions to various problems.