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Where it all began…

Roots in the ad agency world at Leo Burnett in Chicago where the two partners worked together to inspire brand strategies with deeper, more penetrating human insights.

Dedicated to identifying and integrating consumer insights upfront we use data to tell the story, understand the “why” inform the decision-making process and find the passion points that matter.

McQueen Mackin & Associates

Knowledge Bank

We provide customized solutions for our clients through our range of services, take a glance at some of our work.

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Brand Positioning & Identity
  • Segmentation Tracking Studies
  • Tracking Studies
  • Database Analytics & Online Activity Analyses

Passion Points©

Passion Points©

Passion Points

  • It fuels brand loyalty.

– Consumers are the most loyal if they are emotionally passionate about the brand.

  • It drives giving.

– People do not give to their “interests” or “top of mind” organizations, they give to nonprofits that ignite their passions.

That’s why we create Passion Point© studies that identify the passion points that matter for your brand.

See the results of one of our Passion Point© studies.


View Case Study

Nonprofit Insights

Nonprofit Insights

Nonprofit Insights

Other interesting tidbits…

  • Whether someone makes $200,00 a year or $20,000, people still give about 2% of their income on average to nonprofits
  • Most donors give to only 6-7 nonprofits per year
  • We’ve identified 6 key dimensions that drive giving

Through our vast knowledge of the nonprofit landscape we have increased our clients donor base and average gift per donor.

See what we know…download our free Nonprofit Insights Report

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Brand Trust

Brand Trust

Building Brand Trust

Our years shepherding brand building has taught us how to cultivate trust with a brand.

No matter what the brand, the conclusion is the same. Brand Trust is hard to build, easy to lose, and an essential base for growth. We capitalize on our brand building experience to provide the insights that help our clients build trust in their brands.

Read an excerpt from The founder’s book Building Brand Trust: Discovering the Advertising Insights Behind Great Brands

Or contact us (link that drives to contact page) for a free download of the complete eBook that shares insights and case histories into how brand trust has led to the triumph of brands from around the globe.


Download the Excerpt

Proprietary Tools

Proprietary Tools

Proprietary Tools

We customize every project we do.

We draw upon the proprietary tools we developed to address each brand’s unique set of issues.

Such as identifying barriers inhibiting brand growth,  the functional and emotional levers that will drive success and segmentation strategy to reach the optimal target.

Take a look at a snapshot of some our tools. 


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Political Landscape

Political Landscape

Political Landscape

Our typology is more accurate than people are willing to self-label.


… Who will vote and for whom

… Who will become politically active

. . . People’s reactions to policy initiatives

Download my free report “Understanding the Political Landscape.” 


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Breadth of Experience

We have worked with a variety of organizations and brands that range across a full spectrum of size, category and industries: For-profit and not-for-profit, CPG to financial services, health care to entertainment, over 200 brands in over 40 countries.

Large brands with huge multi-channel budgets and brand with ambitions, but small budgets today.

Passion is Powerful. It Drives Loyalty.

We are passionate about discovering what will make people more passionate about our client’s business to help them grow, excel, innovate and evolve.


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